Monday, August 28, 2006

long time, no post

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we here at weheartyarn have become a bit...what's the word? oh, yeah - apathetic - about this here e-community. and none moreso than this one right here. (the only one who has really been posting with any regularity is wg, and she was out of the freaking country for, like, 2 weeks!) sure, blogger has thwarted a few of my lame-ass attempts, but that's what blogger does. what is uncharacteristic is that i just kind of gave up when blogger started f-ing with me. which brings us to right here, right now, and yet another attempt to upload some old-ass photos.

i will begin today with the obsession that threatens to unseat socks, the amurugami or whatever. the cute, big-headed japanese crocheted wierd funky animals.

what was once this:

is now this:

i also had a brief sojourn into the wonderful world of baby sock knitting:

the finished pair are leftover fire on the mountain socks that rock, from a pair i made for my sister last year (coincidentally, my very first pair of toe-up socks ever - i even remember the date i began them. october 12, 2005. yeah, i'm a total knitting dork, who cares?) and the others are the wee toes of baby tiger socks.

this could be a great thing, these baby socks, especially because i am entering that time of life where, like, everyone i know is having babies. 3 or 4 born to college friends this year alone; one just born and one about ready to pop in my family.

there has been other knitting, too. i did a teensy-weensy bit more on fab classic; i finally finished the dutch canyon str socks i had been working on since june; i made a pair of str heavyweight in the red rock canyon colorway for the old father-in-law, but photos have not yet been snapped of these.

soon, dear reader, soon. we will all be back soon.


Wool Girl said...

You are too cute! I want to meet this dear green duck in person!


knitfriendly said...

I just love those ducks! Great baby socks too! :)