Monday, September 11, 2006

A picture's worth....

Posted by Neuroknitter

...a thousand're some pics (some might be only worth a couple of words...oh well!)

Finished Hippy Crunchy socks in Peaseblossom.

Mods: Picot edge (so out of character for me, no?) and decreased 6 stitches on the sole side following the short row heel to achieve a snugger fit.

SweetGeorgia speed demon yarn in Boheme,

Garden Party,

and River.

A few extra words for inquiring minds: all the speed demon socks are my own patterns, toe up with a figure 8 cast on and a short row heel. rib patterns selected from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I've been fine tuning the fit, but am fairly pleased with size 4 Addi turbos, between 46-52 stitches around the foot, and 48-50 stitches around the leg.

Did I mention, I heart SweetGeorgia!

Dear sweet Gibson playing in 'sock hop' roving in Great Balls of Fire from Crown Mountain Farms!

A spider in our garden (thanks Pete!).

Knit On!


shannon said...

whoa - seriously, i almost fainted when i saw that blue on your first photo! those are fantastic, girl, simply mahvelous...loving every minute of this post, that's fer sure

Wool Girl said...

I just love all of your socks! Those Sweet Georgia are just amazing!!!! I know we all don't tell you this are just an amazing knitter! I am so in awe of your socks!

By the way, that spider gives me the creeps!


Anonymous said...

My name is Shannon, and I'm an assistant editor at Lark Books in Asheville, NC. We are publishing a book on knitting and would love for you to submit some projects. Could you email me at at your earliest convenience, and I'll give you more details.
Thanks! Shannon