Wednesday, September 06, 2006

stuck in the frog pond

posted by ssssss

drowning, trying to swim but not quite being able to, living in the pond...i have been frogging like crazy the last few days.

first of all, the str sock club socks. let me begin by saying it's a fabulously gorgeous stitch pattern. and the yarn is simply to die for. let me follow that up by saying, it's not easy. the pattern requires more hard-core concentration than i am willing or able to spare at this moment in time. by sunday, a full month plus from the date this packet was received, i had made it through a mere two of the three pattern repeats on the cuff of the first sock. that's, like, 20 percent or something of the finished product, and we are getting our newest kit in a few weeks. i love the look of the hippie crunchie, but just can't see myself devoting the time to actually completing both socks, especially before we get the new kits. it was a difficult decision, one i wrestled with for a few weeks, but in the end, i decided to dive right in to that murky, algae-infested pond. i frogged. and now, i can use that beautiful yarn to work on a pair of socks that i can actually complete in a timely fashion. that stitch pattern, though - i can see it in a scarf or a wrap, and i don't think this is the last it has seen of me.

and then, last night, i came to a realization regarding the sweet georgia speed demons i am working on (colorway = rainforest). the cuff is gonna be too big. yeah, nk, i know, you tried to tell me, but i wasn't listening. so, i ripped and i ripped and i ripped. and now i have something wierd going on with the yarn, which has caused me to put the socks down before i do any more damage, because it is causing me entirely too much stress. i was a bit zealous in my frogging, and i frogged without thinking it through, so that sweet, soft, lovely yarn is glaring at me from the couch, and i am doing my best to ignore it, because the fear that i will really 'f' it up is strong, ladies, very very strong.

the major problem i have with frogging is that i get a bit angry at both myself and that which i have frogged, and sometimes go foraging for a kinder, gentler project. which means that these skeins of sock hop have been beckoning me...whispering sweet nothings in my ear, something along the lines of:

oh, s, please play with me...i won't let you won't ever need to frog me...i am such an instantly gratifying pair of socks, come play, wind me, cast me on, ignore everything else...fuggedabout rainforest-y greenies...fuggedabout with me...

on another note, if you look over to the sidebar, you will see a running total of socks completed in 2006 by each wehearyarner. as the lovely but way too rational neuroknitter pointed out to me, i padded my numbers just a bit by counting that pair of babysocks as a full pair. to which i responded, well, knit some babysocks then, girl! :) hee. hee. so, i will update that in the next few days, grudgingly taking out the babysocks, because, come on, they are BABY SOCKS!!!


Wool Girl said...

Yuck! I hate it when this stuff happens! At least you have your ducky, right? :) He's adorable, by the way, as well as your other recent animals.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy reading all the yarns, Ha Ha. I sympathize with your project gone awry. I will keep reading and hopefully I will get hooked and start a project of my own. polywog