Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Plans for a new shawl and newfound romance? Huh?

My STR In the Navy arrived today, much to my excitement! I have been waiting to order the "In the Navy" ever since I purchased a skein of medium weight last year at OFFF. My plan is to make a Shetland Triangle shawl from Wrap Style for myself (the last one I made was for my DS) out of 3 skeins of lightweight In the Navy. This yarn is absolutely perfect for that, and the blues in this yarn are just to die for!

Somehow, I envision myself walking along the breathtaking Cliffs of Mohr with my In the Navy Shetland Triangle shawl on my shoulders and gently blowing in the wind behind me. As I slowly walk along the cliffs, feeling the warmth of the sun light from above, all the while breathing in the fresh sea air, I see him. I see him walking along the cliffs from the opposite direction. Even though he is several hundred yards away, I can somehow see his smile clearly. It almost makes my heart stop. His warm smile, the one I remember so vividly from the times we spent together in Dublin. Oh, the memories I have of brings a smile to my face without my even realizing it.

I suddenly realize that I'm running. Yes, I am running towards him now - almost breathless. If I can just get to him - feel his warm embrace again, I will feel whole once more. And he will be able to see me in my In the Navy shawl. (Ok, this is getting quite corny, and yes, I guess I must be reading too many romance novels these days and watching too many Russell Crow movies!).

I should just stick with the In the Navy shawl and leave the romance up to my DH, I guess. :)

On to more important things....

I will be in California this weekend at Stitches West - I can hardly wait! My DH is coming with me - we are making a mini weekend of it, so it just begs to be a great time.

Will report on my romance adventures after this weekend!

I will leave you with dreams of STR In the Navy for now...



Kim said...

That's a really pretty color. I think it will be just beautiful in the Shetland triangle! I overlooked the Shetland triangle before I saw it all over blogland - I think the pale blue in the photo just didn't set it off very well.

NeuroKnitter said...

Russell Crowe??? Ack!!! That was a Jamie Fraser moment if ever there was one!!! ;) ;) Have fun this weekend at Stitches!! p.s. I do like RC, I was just really hoping for JF!!! Hi to Mr. WG!!