Sunday, July 01, 2007


BTW, that is a picture from my sister of the Adriatic Sea via the Island of Kolocep! Don't you wish you were there!? Me, too....

Finally, a flash of the stash from BSG!

Medium weight STR in Calico, Minestone, and Backstabber (a gift! Thank you T!!)

A little Backstabber and Calico up close and personal!

From Capistrano, some skeins for Alina! She couldn't make it to BSG, but called and said I could shop by proxy for her!! Yeehaw!!! She is going to be busy fair isling and bobbling!!

Three Knitspot patterns purchased from Crown Mountain! If you haven't experienced the knitting that flows from Anne, go over and check out her Bee shawl...go now, I'll wait.... I so can't wait for that pattern to become available!!!

I am off to a retreat at Caldera Art Center to discuss creativity in research.
See you back here on Tuesday!!

Stay cool and happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

Great post Gaily! I want to hear about your Caldera experience~ Sounds neat.

Sorry I missed you at BSG, hope to see you soon!


Rani said...

Lovely lovely pictures! It makes me want to crack open a cold beer and knit something in an open air cafe. sigh.

Wool Girl said...

Gorgeous yarn and patterns! I love the photos also! I agree with Rani...makes we want to crack open a cold beer and knit in Italy! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is prettier....the STR or the blue adriatic sea....stunning!