Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here is the Solstice sock enjoying the view from the deck upon arriving at Caldera!

Here is the front of the A-frame cabin I shared with another investigator...

and here is the view upon entry! I slept downstairs and had all that glorious morning light waking me up!!

Here is more of the view from the deck of the A-frame.

After a day of creative thinking exercises, we enjoyed a big...really big camp fire.

I hiked (long walk) around Blue Lake early Tuesday morning. It's gorgeous, yes?

Remember the Biscuit fire in Oregon in 2002? 500000 acres were burned! The site in which Caldera Art Center rests was in the thick of it, yet thankfully survived can see the burned trees in the picture above. You can read more about it here and see more pictures here.

It was a good retreat. Learned alot. Met some very inspiring people.
We also learned about the development of the new MS campaign Join the Movement.
Check out the video on their site.
Check out the Wall here.

Powerful stuff.


Wool Girl said...

Looks like such a relaxing trip (well, if not work related, right?) Beautiful photos!

Rani said...

Very nice post - love all the pictures! I've felt very uninspired today, but this help!