Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday in the Park...

Pixie Park, that is...and back by popular demand (n=1 works for me, this is a knitting blog, not science you know!!)



A short row heel

And a couple of toes make for a pair of

Monkey socks!!! And because I'm compelled...

Just one more little teeny weeny picot pic....

Pattern: Cookie A's Monkey sock pattern
Yarn: STR 'Pixie Park' medium weight
Needles: Addi Lace 2.5 mm
Mods: Picot edge, short row heel with a mini-flap, anatomical toes

Another SOS pair completed!! Woot!

Please give a shout out to Allison...Hi Allison!!! Allison is a new knitter who is doing a fabulous job with her first scarf!! Thanks for visiting Allison! See you in September!

Hi Rani...your picot edge is lovely!!! I think you've got it!! :) Yes, pick up the stitches from the cast on edge, fold the edges together (private sides facing inward, public sides outward) and knit the live stitches together with the picked up stitches.


Wool Girl said...

Gorgeous colorway! Matches your Starbursts perfectly!

Stella said...

You're addicted. Are we going to have to have an intervention?? Monkeyholics anonymous?

Also, tell me more about this "mini-flap" of which you speak.