Friday, October 19, 2007

It's a wrap

It's been a busy week here at Chez NK! Most importantly, we had a birthday!!! My dad turned 90!!! Wow! In case you're bedazzled by these two young men, that would be my dad to the left...Doesn't he look awesome!

My mom made two pies: Chocolate Cream and Banana Cream! She is the master!! I hope all my dad's wishes come true with that one little candle! :)

Dad and mom...isn't she cute?

Jill and might remember them from Thanksgiving last year.

And some knitting occurred over the last couple of days, too.

I turned the heel and finished the gussett on my Great Pumpkin Halloween socks!

And cuz we love picots here at chez's a little something-something to keep you happy!


Anonymous said...

oh, nk - your folks are so darned cute! happy bday to your poppa. hope to see you soon

Woolgirl Sock Club Members said...

Happy Birthday to Sr. NK! :) Your whole family is so cute! :) You look so much like your mom! :)

Love your Halloween socks too!

Rani said...

Happy Birthday Pappa NK! Nothing more important than family . . . even knitting.


Anonymous said...

Guess it's too late to ask you to pass me a slice of that lovely pie!

But it's never too late to wish you a very Happy Birthday, NK-Dad!

Looks like quite a celebration with your wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Oct.21, 2007
I want to thank my NK~daughter and all you dear OK~ladies for your precious KN~(kind notes).
I enjoyed them all so very
let's do it again...
next year!
A Delighted,

Anonymous said...

I'll bet your Dad can text-message and I can't!
I need to get with the times! He's way ahead of me!