Monday, October 15, 2007

Pink Pagodas

Done, done, done!!!

The Pagoda Lace socks are done!


Yarn: STR 'Hot Flash' lightweight
Needles: 2.5 mm Addi Lace
Mods: short row heel and short row toe (constructed toe up)
Fit: Like a charm!

On another note, there are two of these signs a few blocks from each other near home...Mr. NK and I don't know what they mean. I think of a particular someone everytime I drive past them.
Any ideas?


Anonymous said...


Rani said...

You are the Queen-Knitty-Mojo! It's because of these gorgeous pictures that I keep on a-knittin' my socks (although, at a much slower pace than Queen Mojo here).

Anonymous said...

Wendy's Pagoda Lace socks are so pretty in pink!! Makes me want to knit another pair! You enabler!

Wool Girl said...

I agree with Rani - you are the Queen-Knitty-Mojo! Gorgeous socks!