Sunday, October 21, 2007

Love Gifts

I had to work today.

Look what was waiting for me at home from Mr. NK! The kitty is wearing a little hand knit sweater! It is way too cute!

It's a blank notebook for my knitting notes!

Mr. NK is a keeper!!

I heart him!

Thank you all for your Birthday wishes for my dad!! You are the best! He posted a "thank you" in the comments section, too!!! And yes, he probably can text-message...he definitely can manipulate a spreadsheet like nobody else I know!!


Anonymous said...

Awwww.....what a sweetheart!
Gives me goosebumps thinking of him seeing that card and thinking of you!
Sorry,NK, but I think he deserved the cupcake icing now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

mister nk is 2 sweet! what a great gift, and i'm sure it helps to make up for going to tha vah on a sunday.

Anonymous said...

Love the kitten with sweater, soooo cute.
Also love the pagoda socks. What yarn is it in? STR??? what is that? did you get it from WoolGirl?
Sorry for so many questions but the socks are fabulous.

Wool Girl said...

Mr. NK is too sweet for words! :) That card is adorable and just perfect for you! :)