Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Car knitting!

Sock number 2 is coming along...Perhaps it will be complete by the first day of autumn (yippy skippy)!

Mr. NK and I carpool in the mornings. This is a very good thing for the environment and our bank account! However, I get to work a wee bit earlier than necessary so I have started to knit a few rounds in the car while listening to the radio. This is also a very good thing!

Sometimes I pull out the camera to see what shakes out. This was one of those times.

Happy Wednesday-almost-Thursday!


Rani said...

Oooh. Those look deliciously warm for Autumn. I feel the same way about Autumn but I don't get that feeling until just about now. It's like magic - I wait for hot steamy weather - LOVE IT and then something changes and I begin to crave those crisp fall days. 31 more days until then - your counter is keeping me on track.

Wool Girl said...

I heart your socks. We've been having this fall-ish weather lately, and it's making me want some more summer sun before the true fall weather hits. 31 more days is all? Oh my goodness! Better get to working on that baby blanket!

IrishGirlieKnits said... think its going to take you 31 days to finish sock number 2. Not the neuroknitter I know :) They are gorgeous!