Monday, July 19, 2010

busy as a...

We had a busy weekend, much like this little fellow!

The sun didn't make an appearance until after noon on Sunday, foiling morning plans to go to the farmers market for a photoshoot. Oh well...we'll keep our plans secret next time so as not to tempt fate!

We went to see Inception Saturday evening with Jen and her DH. Good times, good movie...complex movie. Great special effects...and of course it's a Leonardo DiCaprio film...'nuf said. :)

I did get a lot of knitting accomplished...I even finished a pair of socks...but no photos just yet...I was chasing bees and dragonflies instead.

It sounds like you all had lots of fun this past weekend, too!! I'm so glad you shared your adventures with us!

Happy Monday!


knitspot anne said...

happy monday gail! i haven't been commenting as often, but i still look at each inspiring and beautiful post!

Magnolia Handspun said...

Gorgeous capture...and I lurrv the texture..just perfect!

Jane said...

Bugs are so wonderful to photograph, great capture.

Woolgirl said...

Very complex movie indeed! :) What fun - it was so wonderful seeing you both! :)