Monday, July 05, 2010


I decided to join Camilla and friends by posting a picture a day, or every other day or as the inspiration moves me. Simply put, have fun--make it easy--and oh yeah, it's summer, so make it really easy peasy!!

What's going to be interesting is how a pic a day translates into how I display my knitting'll be more of a sock serial.

And all socks start with a skein:

Every day is a fresh beginning, Every morn is the world made new
~Sarah Chauncey Woolsey

STR 'Blue Moonstone'


Andi said...

Wonderful blue shade- so calming and fresh!

Jane said...

What a beautiful yarn, cant wait to see what beauty will come from it. Happy knitting in the sun :)

Carolyn Parker said...

so love this color, now it will take me into the jardin to water . . . and dream

Magnolia Handspun said...

I could drink this wool..maybe with ice?

Can't wait to see your finished project.

Judy S. said...

Love that yarn....and the pattern will be????

knitspot anne said...

omg, i LOVE that colorway; it's like seeing it for the first time! (and it's definitely not the first time i've laid eyes on it)