Tuesday, October 12, 2010

beach treasures

We were at the beach this past weekend. The weather was mixed to say the least.

My philosophy: all weather is good weather while at the beach.

That deep thought is quickly followed by this one: there is no better time to cast on a new project than at the beach!

VoilĂ !

September Circle by Melissa LaBarre.

In Tosh Merino Light 'Burnished'.

Love the yarn. Love the pattern.

Thank you all for all the info about those autumn crocuses!! You guys rock!


susan (florali) said...

perfection...looks right at home at the beach.

elizabeth said...

That is so beautiful! Love that color of yarn, and you're exactly right - trips require new projects!

Judy S. said...

Great find! Did you visit any of the yarn shops while you were there? I love the OR Coast!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Gorgeous yarn! A friend recently finished knitting up a pattern for me in Figgy. I love how the semi-solids from Madelintosh as so much more than just semi-solids, yet they don't hide stitch patterns.

tapmouse said...

Gail-you have me wanting to cast one of these on with some of my Madtosh I have sitting around! So lovely, as always!