Thursday, October 14, 2010

happy day

Is there a better way to celebrate Friday-eve than with fresh macarons?

I think not!

I didn't make these...Brooke did. I'm just the taste-tester (best job in the WOOORld)!

They passed...

...with flying colors!!

Sock update: the second embossed leaves sock is almost half-finished! Hmm...what socks will be next on the needles...only the macaron knows!

Hint: I won't be using a rare gem! ;)

If the skies fall, one may hope to catch larks.
~Francis Rabelais

Embossed Leaves pattern by Mona Schmidt in an STR rare gem


JelliDonut said...

So much yumminess in one post!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Wonderful! I've actually never had that type of macaroon before, believe it or not. But the sure look tasty!

Canon Susan from Cinti said...

I have had macaroons and.....I want to hear it directly from the macaroons that you will not endeavor to be rare for the next socks!!! (The return of the macaroon is highly unlikely!!!! Love them!!) The macaroons are as pretty as your socks - a very high compliment, indeed!

Judy S. said...

Those macaroons are pretty enough to almost make me forget that coconut is not my favorite thing. Love those socks...wishe the yarn weren't rare!

Rani said...

Um. Yum.

And yes, I most certainly thought of you when I was putting all that fall color on the blog. It is awfully nice to smell those leaves and feel the cool air moving through.

Can't wait to see the next pair.