Friday, December 17, 2010

catching up

Our internet is back...yay!!! We had a little connectivity problem this week...and it took UPS 4 days to deliver a next day shipment of a new part...sigh.

That being said...a lot of knitting was accomplished.

Who's watching The Sing-Off??? I got sucked in cuz' of the U of Oregon group, On the Rocks. Heart them, but they're off now (sniff). Are you voting? I'm torn, but I think I'll support Backbeats and Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town.

Did you notice? We had a splash of sunshine yesterday!

It's Friday, and I'm starting off the weekend right...with dessert! Some friends and I are having a little dessert-fest to welcome the holiday season. We're all bringing our knitting and empty tummies!

What're you up to this last weekend before Christmas? I hope you all have a sweet and lovely weekend!! xo

Life is partly what we make it,
and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”
~Tennessee Williams

Aria Delicato by Anne in Madelinetosh merino light in 'Rosewood'


Jill L said...

My boys go to Oregon and I was rooting for OTR. I thought they wer the most entertaining by far.

Judy S. said...

Nice color. Anne sure makes nice patterns, doesn't she?

LoriAngela said...

I may get a lot of knitting (and work) done when the internet is down, but I miss your posts.