Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mini update

I'm glad I had some extra images of the Charlize shawl from last week!
It was rainy, windy, rainy and dark last night...no updated photos for me ~ ugh.
I've knit a few more pattern repeats on this project, finished one sprout sock, and am making good headway on the spring fever socks...all is good...although photoless!!

Happy Tuesday!


Andrea Vlahakis said...

Gail, I'm still in love with this colorway. It's similar to Skein's Mangrove, but I think Static is richer. Thanks for this nice shot of blue!

Bobbie Casey said...

When I saw the thumbnail on my blog of your post today I thought it might be a Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome.
Imagine that!
So pretty and your post yesterday is lovely.

Judy S. said...

The weather here is pretty icky too; good for knitting, eh?