Wednesday, February 16, 2011

raining roses

It will never rain roses;
when we want to have more roses
we must plant more trees.
~George Eliot 

If only it could rain roses....wouldn't that be a sight!?


sockdoc said...

so delicate but subtly strong at same time. Just lovely. made me Ooooo!

Judy S. said...

Roses would sure beat the hail that's coming down in buckets at the moment! Great photo.

L-B said...

Not only the sight, but imagine the aroma of a torrent of rose petals!

Rani said...

That's it. I'm ordering roses right now. I had an Evelyn Rose a few years back and I've been grieving it's loss for a few years now. I can smell those roses in the picture. Mmmmmmmmm.

50 degrees here today. Like a bit a heaven.

Anonymous said...

Our Roses are growing
just for you
when I tend them
I hope you know
how I