Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Let's Go for the Gold

Hey, WG - glad to hear you have done some gardening already this season - my yard keeps trying to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, asking, "wouldn't it be nice to get your fingers in my dirt? wouldn't it be grand to weed me? dontcha want to PLANT SOMETHING, lady?!?!" (strange when my garden calls me "lady." it's bad enough to hear it from the checkers at fred meyer, but my own garden??? come on!) To which I reply, "well, honestly, NO. I got some knittin' to do.

Which brings me to my very own Olympian task:

Project? CHECK (Fair Isle socks).
Pattern? CHECK (Alina Egerman pattern complete with Gail Marrachi heels).
Yarn? CHECK (Socks that Rock).

But which colorways, and in which combination? I was just looking at and fondling my (growing) STR stash, wondering whether I should go for two more-or-less "straight" colors, or if I should throw a more wildly variegated yarn into the mix. As I put yarn after yarn together, one stood out. Fire on the Mountain. It looks damn good with the Olivenite. Damn good. But, the Olivenite looks damn good with the Spinel. Damn good. Can anyone help me out here? Before torch-lighting time on Friday? Gals? WeHeartYarn-ers? Anyone?

my three yarns

and closer

On a very exciting note, the mystery project has arrived. It was for my mother, for her birthday (almost a month ago now, but who's counting?). I made a Flower Basket Shawl out of STR. She received it today - whoo-hoo! I will post photos later this week - it really turned out to be quite a beaut, if I do say so myself, and I am both pleased and surprised it arrived in Big Sky Country so quickly. They really do live in what can only be described as "the boonies." Breathtakingly beautiful boonies, but, compared to Portland, or Cleveland, definitely boonie-rific.

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NeuroKnitter said...

DUDE....DOH!!! Use all of them!!! You're not limited to just two! Mix it up a can do it!!! Gorgeous colors BTW!!! Knit on S! :)