Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rogue beginnings

Well, due to a last-minute freelance writing project, I didn't get any more Rogue done this week. (But I had prior emergency dispensation from S so I'm not in trouble.) So I thought I'd post archival footage of Rogue's first day of being. Oh, how my little baby has grown.

I have worked on my Jaywalker socks now and then, mainly on the bus and last night/this morning. On Friday I realized after a few inches of the cuff that they were too tight to get over my apparently (according to Shannon and Iris) high instep. So I frogged back to just before the heel and increased by 8 sts. I turned the heel last night. They are stripping perfectly on the top part now and seem to fit (see below). I'm almost ready to start doing the jaywalker pattern all the way around. That will be the true test.

Despite these lovely little gems, I'm in a wicked foul mood because the aforementioned writing project threatens to turn seriously sour. Anyway, my response to this is an overwhelming urge to lay in bed knitting while watching sci-fi. Tonight we've been through Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek Enterprise and Far Scape. As well as a few inches of sock cuff. Without knitting I would be a sloppy mess. What a fabulous hobby - a balm for the soul. No dark mood can stand up to the cheery colors of Prickly Pear STR. Right?

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shannon said...

Oh, E, hope all of those frustrations were able to melt away amidst soft gorgeous fluffy yarn and well-fitting (hopefully) jaywalkers!