Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Update

It is definitely Olympic time here at We Heart Yarn. We have three confirmed Olympians in the blogroll, and one who, although she did not officially enlist, is an athlete extraordinairre. We have all been training so hard this past year, and from what I have seen, that training is paying off like crazy.

We all saw from the last post that the NK is really plugging away on her shawl. She is almost on the third part, and I am fortunate enough to be able to testify that it is even more beautiful in real life than digital photos would lead you to believe. Rich, deep color, gorgeous lace patterning, and that attention to detail and beauty that we all love and admire the NK for.

WG, whom I visited yesterday for a short training session, is motoring on her Fair Isle socks, as well. The juxtoposition of the Prickly Pear (which E and I know well, and love) and the Stonewashed denim color are fabulous. They really complement each other well, and are going to be amazing socks. An update came in from the field just a few hours ago, and WG has turned the heel on her first one. She will be fair-isle-ing it before long.

I have made some decent progress since my tangled problem on Saturday. I cut, I wove, and I tried to keep my cool (I did, kinda). I now have two separate yet equal socks on my addi turbos, and they look pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. The colors together are almost regal. I have about 3.5 or 4 inches done on each sock, and, although the bowling tonight is sure to put a monkey wrench in my knitting, I am amtrack-ing it to Montana on Wednesday evening, and forsee quite a bit of knitting time. Speaking of Montana and monkey-wrenches, S and I went to a big open-air high end mall-type thing yesterday to register at a high-end store for the wedding. I am always amenable to book shopping, and there was a big old chain book store in this shopping arena, so we decided to go in, on the pretense of checking out if Chuck Palaniuk's new and horrifyingly disturbing (so I am told) book Haunted is out in paperback (not until April). But, as I am a Stephen-King-addict, always have been, and remembered that WG had sent me a link about a new book of his coming out in the beginning of 06, I decided that all must not be lost. They had the book, Cell, for 30% off! Of course, I bought it, to "read on the train," when knitting wasn't cutting it for me. We got home at 6 or 6:30, and I decided to read a few pages. Four hours later, I am on page 314 (out of 355) and realized that my Sunday contained not one stitch of knitting! Hmmm. Gotta finish this book, or, like Michelle Kwan, I can kiss my dreams of achieving Olympic Gold buh-bye.

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