Monday, February 20, 2006

Neptunite - Roman God of the Sea

Named for Neptune, the Roman god of the Sea, Neptunite is a relatively rare mineral that was only discovered in the last century. Thank goodness for this discovery, as these Neptunite Socks that Rock socks are one of a kind and so precious! Can't wait to have them complete! (in between all of the other projects I'm working on!) Oh well, as NK assures me over and over, it's all about the process!

In Olympic News, I'm one sock down, Sock Two to go! And, as a bonus, the first sock fits perfectly! That's always a good sign. I'm thinking about switching the colors around for the second sock (which I'll be starting tonight), as I'm running short on the Stonewash STR, so want to play it safe. I think that will add a cute touch, none the less, to have Prickly Pear as the main color.

Here are some pics:

Stash Update! Stash Update!

I had a dr appt yesterday, so, as my local knitting store out here in the OC, Cozy Ewe, was having a yarn sale (15% off all RED yarn), and they are located within blocks of my dr office, I figured I really needed to stop by to support them. I mean, I NEED red yarn, right? Of course I do! I also needed to enter the monthly drawing, so had that excuse also. I ended up spending more time in there than I had planned, and left with a few new additions to my stash. One of which is NOT red, but was calling my name, so I had to add it to my cart. It was the last one left of its color, so it would have been lonely had I left it there. ( I am sounding like NK!)

Lovely Socks that Rock in Torridon, with hints of gold, brown, lavender, green:

And, because it does have a "hint" of red in it, I received 15% off this beautiful hand painted sock yarn by Art Yarns:

I also wanted to say "thank you" to NK for the lovely Goat Milk Soap she gave me this weekend as a get well present. It's one of the most lovely smells I've ever smelled in a soap - sweet Honeysuckle! Thanks also to my good friend S, for the lovely read - She's Come Undone - by Wally Lamb, as I'm enjoying it quite a bit! I'm recoving from ankle surgery nicely, I will say, and have only a little over 2 weeks left on crutches (possibly can be off of them on March 4th!) Of course, will probably be walking with a cane for several weeks after crutches, but the crutches will no longer be a part of my wardrobe at that point, that's all that matters!

The good thing about all of this, as Lindy at Cozy Ewe said so eloquently, "Thank God for Knitting!"


shannon said...

Yummy - gorgeous socks, beautiful yarn, artisan soap - if you discount the fact that you had a painful surgery, it looks to have been a great week! :)

Neuroknitter said...

Those Fair Isles are fantastic! Looooove the colors. Definitely a gold medal.