Friday, September 15, 2006

Cute as buttons....

PRAY FOR SUN, PRAY FOR SUN!!!!! (We are having a conference for the next couple of days, and a dinner on a boat, so we are praying for sun!)

by wg

My sis and her 5 children (yes, 5 children) were here a few weeks ago visiting, and, I must say, there is just not an easy way to prepare for having 5 children running wild throughout your home. All of the chidren are 12 and under, with the youngest being 2. It was 4 days of sheer wild and crazy times - someone always wanting to eat, making mess after mess after mess, lots of pulling blankets and hair, fighting over this and that (the typical sibling wars), and on and on and on. There always seemed to be some mysterious stickiness on the floor that nobody knew how it had gotten there (we all know how this goes), some wet spot on the carpet that could be water, or it could be apple juice, or it could be something entirely different, like baby slobber or ????? (I will leave that up to your imagination). I honestly do not know how my sister does it day after day after day! She has asked herself this same question many times over. "You mean I have to get up today and deal with this whole thing over again?" (words directly from her mouth) Oh the love of a mother! Someday it will all be worth it!

We did have some very fun times while they were here, despite the craziness of it all, and ended up trekking the 9 of us (the 5 kids, my sister, my daughter, my husband, and me) up to the zoo in Portland (which is an awesome zoo, by the way), and we spent the good part of a day there. The kids really enjoyed the butterfly exhibit, which, I must also say, was really awesome. Where else can you go where the most butterflies can land on you, just randomly, and do so pretty regularly throughout the exhibit. It's quite awesome. I took a few photos of the butterflies we encounterd that day. The kids were convinced that the color of your shirt totally depicted what color of butterly landed on you. There actually is a little bit of truth to this, but how much I'm not entirely sure. It really does depend on body temperature and warm and cool colors, I guess. Hmmmmmm........ Well, anyway, they were just beautiful!

On the knitting homefront, a few days ago I finished the Sundara Test Knit Sweater, in Blue Lagoon colorway. It's lovely, but unfortunately I can only provide photos that don't exactly show off the sweater, as it's not out for publication just yet:

So, now that this sweater is complete, socks are on the way. I am a little behind in the socks stats, but hope to make that up shortly. Socks are on my mind!!!!

I will leave you with this lovely acquisition I made last night....

It's Sweet Georgia Speed Demon Sock yarn in the Black Orchid colorway
that I found at Dublin Bay. Yum!


shannon said...

you go, wg - now that you have finished your test sweater (which, i can personally attest to, is fabulous), it's time to sock it out like the rest of us!!!

we heart yarn are addicted to socks!!!

knitfriendly said...

Beautiful butterflies! They remind me of when I lived in Costa Rica. :)