Monday, November 06, 2006

Democracy Gone Wilde

Lately my husband and I have just left our telephone ringer permanently off. The reason? Auto-dial political campaign calls. These are a plague. I heard on the news that Oregon's republican gubernatorial candidate tried to make a few campaign calls in person, only to have people hang up on him assuming it was a recording. I hope one of them was me. The last straw was when I found a mistake last night in my cabling several inches back in the yoke of the Eris cardigan sweater that I am knitting for my mom. I choose to blame a distracted moment reaching for the phone to answer a phone call from a machine. What other explanation could there be?

Anyway, I heard the most wonderful satire of crazed political advertising today on American Public Media's show Marketplace. I heart it. Take a listen...

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shannon said...

i heard a story this morning about this guy who grew up in la, and had never really experienced the hard-core calling-slash-smearcampaigns, and now lives in columbus ohio, where the races are uber-tight, and he is LOVING the whole phone-calling-massive-commercials-radio-ads avalanche of sh*t that election season brings.

me? i agree with you - our home phone died this weekend, and i can't help but think it was overwhelmed by all of the phone calls.

oh, and hanging up on gap-toothed ron? gosh, i hope i was one of 'em, too!