Monday, November 20, 2006

Is it only Monday?

It feels like it's Tuesday, for some reason, and I was really bummed to realize that it was only Monday. Somehow I thought Monday had passed me by while I wasn't looking, I guess. Hmmm... even though it's supposed to be a short week, I'm thinking it might be long.

I hope everyone is watching news of the TomKat 2.5 million dollar wedding ceremony of the year. My big question is: How did the wedding photos show Katie just slightly shorter than Tom, when in actuality she's taller? Hmmm.... I guess height matters after all, esp when your image is on the line. Well, if you didn't catch the scoop on the wedding tonight or last night, it looks like the tv stations are airing a two hour special several nights this week, so you don't have to miss out on all of the fun! :)

We have finally gotten the green light to post photos of the test knit of Sundara's wonderful new sweater pattern, the "Tatami" Kimono, shown here. This sweater was great fun to knit and is such a lovely pattern. The yarn is what really makes it, though! Sundara rocks! Here are a couple of photos:

I also recieved some extra special yarn from Sundara this week - Black over hot pink worsted merino - it's so soft and just stunning (my photo does not do it justice, however, you can check out a better photo here):

I've also finished the bag for my mom and love how it came out. It's so cute with the flower - it adds just that extra special something:

I've started some additional knitting projects - something not so mainstream. I found this adorable pattern in the holiday 2006 Vogue Knitting Knit Simple magazine for a bird mobile. It was super simple, and the birds are extremely cute.

More posting soon......

Happy Thanksgiving all!


amy said...

oh that pink/black yarn is awesome!

amy said...

hi jen, amy over at good to be girl again, just want you to know that there will be another stitch marker sale the first full week of december. i'll announce it on my blog when it gets a bit closer. :)