Tuesday, November 14, 2006

wham, bam, and thank you, ma'am

amazingly, holiday knitting actually continues. i have completed another project, this for s's sister. i am so pleased with this scarf, and surprised i am so into scarves again. with a more evolved knitting-skill-set comes more exciting scarves, i guess, and with a cold neck comes the desire for soft warm neck coverings for me and for those i love. so here i am, for the first time since the multidirectional scarf fever of '05, becoming once again obsessed with scarves.

i have been thinking about the first scarf i made for s, out of lion's brand homespun (he still totally hearts it), and how it was just straight-up garter stitch, on BIG needles. i then made him one of the aforementioned multidirectional scarves, out of noro silk garden (of course!) and have plans for another. i received some knitpicks panache, which is tre soft and oh-so-loverly, in a color surprisingly similar to this debbie bliss, and one look at that next to my baby's eyes, and i knew it was destined for him. i am thinking cables, maybe sharfik or the shifting sands scarf (okay, so i heart grumperina, who cares?!?!?!) or maybe a cabled scarf of my own design.

this project i finished on sunday is a coming-around-full-circle-type of thang. years ago, when i first began knitting, when i first started stalking the yarn stores in town, when i first discovered what a fabulous resource the internet was for knitting, i ran across the dna-cable scarf. wowza. what a scarf, i thought. i NEED TO HAVE THAT. so, i ran out and bought the yummiest softest most wonderfulest yarn i could afford, debbie bliss cashmerino, in a teal-y dusty blue, ooh, baby, and i casted on. and, i did okay. not perfectly, but, for a first cabling attempt, i did okay.

see? a little bumpy, but not HORRIBLE for a first cable project

but then i got sick of it, not so much the yarn or the pattern, but sick of the concentration it took, and sick of KNOWING, even as i continued to knit, that i had definitely f'd up at the very very beginning and i absolutely NEEDED to frog it all and restart, but, gosh, i sure as heck didn't want to do that. so i put it down, and it got buried amongst the many other projects i had abandoned, and i found myself, about a month ago, pulling it out and looking at it once again. i knew that scarves and socks were going to be my big xmas gifts this year, and i had just re-started midwest moonlight, knowing that my dear sweet sil was going to be getting it (she lives in the midwest, get it???), and i thought - gosh, this yarn is way too fab to go to waste. i am gonna make up a scarf pattern for it. i hauled out all of my scarf, lace, shawl, and pattern books, and began pouring through them. i kept coming back to the traveling vine pattern in one of the many shawl books i have accumulated through the years, fumbled my way through a few fits and starts, and a week later, viola!

talk about yummy. and finished. and blocking.


traveling vine-lace-patterned scarf (still trying to come up with a name for it)

yarn: debblie bliss cashmerino, teal-y blue, 3.5 balls

needles: addi turbo #8s, smooth as silk


Wool Girl said...

WOW! You're just finishing all kinds of stuff lately! Great job!
They look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

goodness gracious! you're my hero! Would you mind helping me? I have that same book and have been trying to turn the traveling vine patter from traditional knitted lace shawls into a scarf. However, I'm relatively new to lace knitting. I've knit the branching out scarf (from knitty.com) twice and I've learned all the stitches nesc. for the traveling vine. However, i cannot seem to figure out how many stitches to cast on, how many repeats to do, et cetera. I absolutely love the way yours tunred out (serendipitous: I am knitting [or trying to knit] the scarf out of the same yarn you used.) I would love some help. Thank you in advance