Thursday, January 11, 2007


In a world in which we receive credit card applications from every Tom, Dick and Harry bank every is inconCEIVable to even imagine that a bank would turn down money. Right? WRONG!

Take Blue Moon Fiber Arts...the home of Socks that Rock and the STR Sock Club. This not just any yarn, nor is it just any sock club. This stuff is the bomb. And yes, I'm a friend of Tina and Kaci's, and have been since before STR....but I can tell you without bias, this sock yarn is the best. The colors are amazing. Tina thinks about color and color combinations differently than anyone else, period. BMFA and STR, and all the other yarns and rovings that are frequently overshadowed, were born out of Tina's passion for all things fiber related...touch, texture, color, function, structure. What comes out of doing what you love and loving what you do??? Success! Unbridled success!!!

BMFA and STR was a success at every store front and fiber festival they appeared. Overtime, the idea of starting a sock club was born. And, voila, yet another resounding success! A KAL was born. People from all over the country and world met each other, encouraged each other, helped each other, ooohed and ahhhhhed over each other's completed socks. It wasn't just a club like the YMCA or something, this was a cult. A collective. It was an experience. Yay Tina!! Yay Kaci!! Yay BMFA!!

And now...for the rest of the story.....The second year of the sock club is just beginning. And very well organized it was. Reservations were taken. The website was up and running. Credit cards were accepted. Accepted. Accepted. Hah! Fate, in the guise of a stupid bank person, or people, stepped in. He/She/They did not believe that all the charges coming in were real. It had to be a scam. In their infinite wisdom, they concluded that this many people could not really be purchasing a knityourownsock club membership. Poirot they are not! The friggin idiots credited all the cards and basically shut down BMFA. Do these imbeciles not read and see that the Yarn Harlot enabled around 4,000 knitters to knit in the Knitting Olympics. Holy rosewood needles Batman, that is like more knitters than the number of athletes that participated. Do these cretins not see that Claudia raised over $17,000 for Multiple Sclerosis? To put that value in perspective, that is almost one-third of a pilot project award that the MS society funds...that is an amazing contribution via one blogger! Do they not see that overlapping the resounding success of Claudia's fundraising, was Cara. She raised over $18,000 for Heifer International? Recently, Wendy raised over $40,000 for Heifer International. Point: knitters are many. MANY. Knitters are charitable and have the power to influence change and make the world a better place. These single-celled anomalies at the bank, who tried to think and reason and concluded that there can't be that many knitters knitting socks in a sock club, clearly did not have enough brain capacity to support a synapse between any two working neurons, and blew it big time. BIG. TIME.

In the usual Tina and Kaci fashion....they rose to the occasion with humor, grace, and the excellent customer service they have been known for. They quickly communicated with their club members and have fixed the situation. As of 9:00 p.m. last night, Kaci was still answering hundreds of emails....Kaci, stop! We're patient, we can wait a for a reply, it's ok! :)

The letter they sent out to club members can be seen at the sock club KAL site, and please do read what Stephanie, Cara and Amy have to say.

Tina, Kaci and the BMFA team...we heart you! We've got your back! No stupid banker person can stop the tide of BMFA, the STR Sock Club, and the leagues of sock knitters (go figure Mr. Banker dude) who support them!

Knit On!!!


Anonymous said...

The first rule of banking should be: Don't piss off the knitters.

shannon said...

well said, nk - this is so freaking ridiculous - those stupid, stupid bankers

Stella said...

"single celled anomalies"! you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Well said! I guess Tina and Kaci have no doubts now what a loyal following they have! BMFA is a virtual commune for those of us who appreciate an artist's concept that takes knitting to the paragon of visual and tactile beauty.

Anonymous said...

Made it home without a problem. :)

Courtney said...

I am realizing that in a world of mostly duds, knitters are some of the most heartfelt, honest and generous folk I meet. Cheers to the craftswoman in all of us!