Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weather people make me scream!

Good Morning, Scappoose, OR!!! I went out to scrape the frost from the car this a.m., and I thought to myself..."That's an awful lot of frost on the car"...no wait...it isn't frost...it's frickin' snow...did anyone forecast snow??? Why, no! They didn't....Contrary to last week, when the forecast of snow alone prompted the closure of five school districts before the first innocent flake even fell...and let me tell you...that was a much ado about nothing that would make Bill roll over in his grave!!!

I hope everyone is safe and sound!
Happy Knitting!!


Wool Girl said...

I couldn't agree more! I had not even the slightest hint that there would be snow this morning! They didn't seem to mention anything about it last night on the news!

Happy Knitting!

Anonymous said...

I woke up at the usual time this morning and didn't look outside until after my shower. I was surprised that work wasn't delyed, but I set out anyway. After an hour of slipping and sliding, I got to the VA and was then turned away because of an accident. At that point, rather than trying to find a back way onto the campus, I gave up and spent another hour driving home. I can't believe they didn't outright cancel work and that Portland schools held out so ridiculously long after they were such wimps last week.

Tammy said...

Beaverton schools held out even longer. They did forecast it though. At least all over the online news sites. It's one of those things where I tried to not get my hopes up to have them dashed.

Hope you stayed warm.

Courtney said...

I heard speak on NPR about 'light accumulation' of snow all day Monday for Tuesday. I assumed in Portland that would translate into a dusting that would melt by 9am. It was a fun surprise and I hope everyone stayed safe an spent some time knitting as the snow fell as I did.

Stella said...

i am indeed intrigued by spinning, but i've instituted a strict no-yarn-buying until April policy, which will have to extend to roving and spindles as well, for time-management as well as money management reasons. but come spring, i'm sure i'll be full of questions for you!