Friday, January 12, 2007

snow in portland???? and a finished object

well, i awoke to a goodly dusting of snow on the ground yesterday here in good old portland, oregon, where it really doesn 't snow all that much. there is still some lingering in my 'hood, and, boy, is it cold.

what a ridiculous situation the blue moon fiberistas find themselves in, huh? i think the nk very succinctly explained the deal, and our collective disbelief that something like this could actually happen. in a world in which retirees are pilfered of their life savings on a daily basis, this is borderline inconceivable. it makes absolutely NO SENSE - from my (admittedly limited) interactions with and knowledge of banks, their business is money, so the very fact that they would not only turn down but actually RETURN money seems to go against the very fiber of their beings. hmmm. stee-range. but, it seems the blue moon ladies are taking this in stride, which is a strong indication that they will, in fact, survive anything the corporate world sees fit to throw their way. good job, ladies - you deserve a gold star, or, better yet, some cashmere yarn...

now, to the knitting:

one down on my january fo list:

july str club socks
colorway: peaceblossom
pattern: cookie's baudelaire
needles: size 0 addi turbos
size: perfection


illanna said...

I like how you say "size: perfection" They look great, the colors, the pattern, everything. I joined the STR club and I got the e-mail about the bank thing too. They have such a great attitude about it all.

Wool Girl said...

Hey girl! Glad to see you are still knitting away! I feel so out of touch now that you are no longer part of the 7D clan! We miss you! Love the socks! They are bee-u-tiful!