Sunday, January 21, 2007


that is where i am, gpa-wise, in the str sock club 2006. i realize it is now 2007, but i saw some chatter at the kal blog about an extension being granted until we receive our first 2007 assignments, so i am working on my final projects, and hoping to still receive at least a 3.5.

knitting updates:

project: marble arches in pink granite (str club socks from october 2006)
where i am in the project: DONE!
modifications: did a picot edge at the top instead of the ruffle called for in the pattern; made the toe a bit rounder
impressions: love love love the design. do NOT love love love cuff-down sock knitting - i have become a confirmed toe-up gal. i also did the socks one at a time, which is completely uncharacteristic of this here sock knitter, and am going to attempt a toe-up version of this wonderous pattern at some time in the future.

project: central airs in titania (yeah, i realize i am copping out like crazy, not tackling titania's revenge, which is a fabulous pattern, but i want to get these puppies DONE).
where i am in the project: 1/2 way done with both feet.
modifications: toe-up, people. don't you even KNOW ME?!?!?!? am working over 60 stitches on size 1 addis, which is making these socks a perfect fit, so far
impressions: simple yet lovely lace pattern, easy, quick, and really compliments the short color changes of the yarn.

project: regular old toe-up socks in spunky electric boogy days
where i am in the project: almost time to turn some heels
impressions: awesome yarn - so bright and colorful, and sproingy as heck (thanks, again, nk!)

project: rogue sleeves
where i am in the project: sleeve island, people
modifications: doing both at once, in the round
impressions: i am definitely leaning toward being one of those knitters who does the sleeves FIRST.

s out!


Tammy said...

I didn't see the chatter about keeping on so you could boost your gpa, I'll have to go look for that. You are going to LOVE the Rogue, at least I did once I got it done. The color looks great.

NeuroKnitter said...

Hey S! Your Marble Arches socks are awesomely gorgeous!! I can't wait to see your Central Air!! Knit on...I know you can make it to 3.5...!!! :)

Anonymous said...

overachiever. ;)

the sock look great!

Wool Girl said...

I wish I could say that I am doing as well on the GPA, but I agree with Mrs. Frick.....I'll do better next time! Love your socks! They are fantastically gorgeous!