Friday, October 26, 2007

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday L-B!!

I thought label tampering was illegal!!!

By special request, just for you on your birthday...a hair post!! Thank you so much for the Gail's Hair STR!!! It is perfect!!
You are allowed one free "Neener" of your choice today! I hope I don't regret that!! :)

I'm thinking to add some "ice blue" for the winter look...whaddaya think?

Have a great weekend everyone! We are off to the beach this weekend and are taking two, yes TWO days off from work to do so!!! Yippy Skippy!!!
Happy Knitting!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you should add the winter blue!
Thanks so much for the very special Happy Birthday wishes!

Courtney said...

Good for you, enjoy! I hope you have great weather. Oh yes, add the blue for sure, love the yarn too!

Wool Girl said...

The blue needs to be added! Happy Birthday LB! Have a wonderful weekend Gail!

mckenzie said...

Met your folks today at the orthopedic center...they caught me knitting socks and gave me your blog url. Nice people and a nice blog! Happy Birthday! -Lolita