Thursday, November 15, 2007


Did you know that in Japan they can grow cubic watermelons; they're more expensive, but easier to pack. I prefer my watermelon in the shape of a skein.

Check out this site...just watch. Don't click around. Have your volume on. I seem to be as easily amused as my friend who sent this to me! :)

National Blog Posting Month is half over! I've posted everyday this far. Fingers crossed. It has been much more difficult than I thought. I finally feel confident that I might finish to put a button up in the sidebar.

Thank you Rani and Stella! That acorn squash was yummy, indeed! It was accompanied by a steamy bowl of spicy lentil favorite autumn meal!!

ETA: OMG, Courtney you were right, kind of! I posted 'Comfort Food' on Wednesday a.m. but started writing it the night before and did not change the post there were actually two posts for November 13. I've corrected the post date. Thank you Miss Eagle Eyes!!!


Wool Girl said...

Wow! What a fantastic watermelon! :)

Courtney said...

Hey wait a minute, there was no post yesterday eh?
love the watermelon yarn, watermelon tourmaline is one of my all time favorite color combos in nature.

Adam said...

Omg the link to the site from the Netherlands - awesome! And yay for being halfway done with NaBloPoMo! Its actually coming easier for me than I thought it would. If it makes you feel better you ALWAYS post way earlier than I do.

Anonymous said...

You kindly inspired my acorn squash dinner, but
that's so unfair to make my mouth water for watermelon! In November!!!! Sheesh!
Watermelon bubble gum just isn't the same.

Anonymous said...

That website was too funny!! Thanks for sharing.