Sunday, November 04, 2007


We set back our clocks this weekend. One hour to relive...kind of. Funny, I used to work the night shift, I hated this night as that one hour could never pass fast enough...Now...I wish it would slow down a bit so I could accomplish more!

The heel is turned and the gusset completed on the first Hollyday Monkey sock! I'm on the home stretch...time to push it to completion!

I took two classes from Cookie A on Saturday at a LYS in PDX. I learned about toe up socks with a gusset and top down sock design. Both classes were great! I was lucky enough to be able to spend some extra time with Cookie and a friend afterwards!! Delightful!

So, what did you do with your time?


Adam said...

I missed Cookie A in PDX?! Oh I'm so jealous! Oh and, per usual, nice Monkey Sock.

Anonymous said...

hi g! happy belated bday, girl - we miss you! your monkey socks are fab, and i am so jealous you got to learn from the sockish master. our friend helen took the class, too, and was trying to peer pressure me into taking it.

hope to see you soon

Dawn said...

Beautiful the yarn! Monkey socks are on my to do list!:) They look kinda hard though?!