Saturday, November 03, 2007

Guess what?

You know what that peppermint candy means, don'tcha'?

Yep! I'm a Loopy Groupy! What did I do to become a Loopy Groupy you might ask....

A little of this...Fiesta Boomerang in 'Salsa'

A little of that...Fiesta Boomerang in 'White Zinfandel' for my Hearts for Heidi socks

And a few patterns....

And a few more...Do you see a theme in my pattern shopping....yep, me, too. The Pagoda Lace pattern isn't pictured as it got a little worse for wear during the knitting of them, here.

Awhile ago Martha asked about the Pagoda Lace socks! Thank you, I'm glad you liked them! If you're still out there...the pattern is by Wendy Johnson and is available at The Loopy Ewe. I used Socks That Rock aka STR (lightweight) in the 'Hot Flash' colorway. Sorry, Woolgirl doesn't carry STR, nor does any online vendor, but you can find currently available colors of STR and other Blue Moon yarns on their website. Check here for retailers that might be located near you. Hope that helps!


Adam said...

toe-up socks and yay for becoming a Loopy Groupy! When I get back to the states I have every intention on ordering from them but the shipping overseas is expensive. I'd only get something from them if it was on order of like, 6 skeins or something like that - to justify the shipping.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're officially Loopy! ;-)