Monday, May 19, 2008

Butter peeps

It was a scorcher this weekend in the Pacific Northwest! I let the little lace leaf scarf rest at the sidelines for a bit while I worked on these socks...The Butter Peep yarn held up well in the heat!! :)

I hope you all had a good weekend! Happy Monday!


Rani said...

HA HAAAAA (laughing like a mad woman) I just ordered the Garden Path!! WOOP WOOP! Nice to be so inspired.

And the purchase puts me one step closer to becoming a Loopy Groupy.

Love the buttery socks.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's not butter! (running and ducking)

Jill L said...

Love the socks -- is there a pattern?

Wool Girl said...

Gorgeous! This is totally unrelated, but I made a purchase at the Woolen Rabbit this weekend due to your evil influencing ways on Saturday.

Courtney said...

Love the yellow! I just finished my Gentleman's Fancy socks in Camo and had to start a pair in something much more colorful from the stash to celebrate our early summer weather.