Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Flower: Flowering Dogwood

Specimen: Flowering Dogwood
Family: Cornaceae
Genus: Cornus
Species: florida
Variety: Pink!!!

Welcome to the introductory post of Friday's Flowers, spearheaded by Kim over at The Woolen Rabbit! I was over at my mom's a couple weeks ago and was totally enthralled with photographing her dogwood tree. The wind was a challenge and caused more blurred images than not. The sun was finally out yesterday and the wind not so challenging, so I went back for more photographic fodder!

I love (i.e. am obsessed with!!) the little lantern-like blossoms. You can see another version here. Our neighbor's tree volunteered to model for the first and last shots. I think it might be a different variety from my mom's.

I hope you will enjoy this little break from the usual posting! Have a great Friday everyone!


Jill L said...

Love Friday Flowers. Makes we want to go work in my yard.

Courtney said...

Gorgeous photos! Hopefully it wont be too hot to garden this weekend.

cockeyed said...

You are amazing with that camera!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - I look forward to more.

Wool Girl said...

Love your photos! Looking forward to future photos! :)

Rani said...

I'm an Autumn girl like you, but after months of gray, the color is happily overwhelming me. I always enjoy seeing what little colorful treasures you've found next.

If you can imagine it, I live in a sugar maple forest and this morning, I am (finally) surrounded by a golden green that is positively glowing.

aaaaah spring.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm going to love Friday's on your blog :) Such a pretty flower!