Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Color starts

Rani asked me awhile ago what inspired my color choices. I've been thinking about that. I'm a dyed in the wool autumn girl. If it's red, it's in my hands. Any combination of autumn coloring in a multicolored skein...it's in my hands. Pinks are bright and happy and a must have.

In the autumn and winter I find my self content with rich, deep and saturated colors that reflect the season. Come spring and summer, I tend to lighten and brighten it up a bit, I think.

I've been really captivated with photography of late and getting images of botanical specimens, more specifically. I think these have been having a growing influence over my color choices as my "green" stash is bulging out of control at the same rate the photos of fiddleheads and leaves with droplets are taking over the hardrive!

After capturing the California Poppy above, I had a thirst for something from the orange to yellow family. I chose to knit another pair of Garden Path socks since gardens seem to be a focus of late. I don't have alot of orange in my stash (this might have to change!) so I pulled out this yellow that has pops of melon in it. It's Smooshy 'Butter Peep'. I love it. The yarn was a gift from Mr. NK! Heart him!

I thought Rani asked a very interesting question....so I'll ask it to you, what inspires your color choices?


IrishGirlieKnits said...

What a great topic for a post! I too love the fall and that is certainly reflected in my sock stash. But come spring I like a bit more color! Hmmmm....could that be one of the reasons I seem to love all your color choices!

I love how the flowers inspire some of your color choices :)

Rani said...

That's it. I'm headed over to the Loopy Ewe and I'm gonna get me that pattern. It's perfectly perfect for this time of year when my garden still looks so lonely. I can just imagine that garden path. . .

Allison said...

Lately my color choices have been influenced by the seasons and all the fitness magazines I've been reading. There are such fantastic pairings of white, grey, black with super bright colors. All those combinations create a sense of energy (which is something I'm lacking lately when the skies are all grey... any connection?!). The bright pops of pink and blue and lime green seem just right for heading into summer.