Friday, October 08, 2010


The marvels of daily life are exciting;
no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.
~Robert Doisneau

I've been seeing little clumps of these flowers here and there. I heart them. Does anyone know what they are? Some kind of autumn crocus, maybe?

I hope seeing them brightens your day as much as it has mine!

Happy weekend!! I hope something unexpected will cross your path and make you smile! xo


KateinIowa said...

I just know them as autumn crocus. I LOVE their color. They come up as just leaves in the spring. Then, in the fall, the bloom emerge on single stems. I read about them years ago and planted some. They have multiplied enough that they need to be divided now. Love your blog and never miss it!

LoriAngela said...

We have autumn crocuses. I love them because they have the same optimism as spring crocuses and remind us that even though the days are getting shorter and colder, there is cause to celebrate.

Maryse said...

Delicate and beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Judy S. said...

Kate and Lori nailed it. We're seeing them too. And yesterday on our walk through the n'borhood we saw 6 quail! Have a great weekend.

Rani said...

What the heck are those little flowers? I wonder if someone forced them in their fridge and then planted them? What a nice surprise.

Have a happy Sunday.

Susan said...

Colchicum autumnale is the most likely plant you are seeing. There are numerous species within the genus.

MelD said...

Nobody mentioned that autumn crocus is a poisonous flower. At least, the European ones are!!