Tuesday, June 21, 2011

welcome, summer

It is summer, it is the solstice

the crowd is cheering,

the crowd is laughing in detail permanently,
seriously without thought.
~William Carlos Williams 

Good bye to the wettest spring in 110 years, and
Hello Summer!!

Mama Llama Perfect Sock yarn in 'Jellyfish'


Shelda said...

That yarn is seriously gorgeous. Can't wait to see what it becomes!

Jilly said...

WOW! That is a beautiful closeup of mr. dragonfly! Nice composition too and the color is fantastic!!! xoxo

behind the ivy said...

That yarn is fabulous! So cheerful and summery!

AfternoonMoon said...

Yeah Solstice! Sun sets at 00:47a and rises again at 02:57a. I LOVE this time of year. Just wish we had more dragonflies around. Nothing hits like summertime, like those gloriously colored companions!

Unknown said...

That yarn looks just like a Colorado sunset--gorgeous!

Bobbie Casey said...

And. . .Drum Rolllllllll. Amazing!
You raise the bar so high!
When I grow up can I be like you?
This yarn is to die for!
The photo of the fly is beyond beyond.
xoxo hugs to you on this Summer Day!