Friday, July 08, 2011

summer daze

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post.

Summer is here...with little doubt.
We've had our first two consecutive days over 80F in 305 days.

The roads are full of blooms and grasses.
Photowalks and the sound of the shutter clicking is replacing the needles most evenings.
But not totally!

Happy Friday! xo

"I've been thinking Hobbes"
 "On a weekend?"
"Well, it wasn't on purpose..."
~Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Watterson)


Jilly said...

I LOVE this post!!! The images are wonderful and Calvin and Hobbes...well it doesn't get much better than that unless you quote Winnie the Pooh!!! xoxox

elizabeth said...

Oh, I think I need to move to your area of the country! It's well into the 90s here, with humidity to match. I walk outside and wilt.

Love the socks and as always, your photos!

Bobbie Casey said...

Beautiful! You make me smile!

Allison said...

Oh, summer has hit me so hard this year! I can't get a single thing done because I'm too busy enjoying the outdoors and reading novels and figuring out how to eat dinner without cooking anything... The socks are looking fabulous :)

Maryse said...

And here, seems like it's been one week since my last blog reading! This is of course because summer has arrived here too!