Monday, June 04, 2007

Finished Dreidel Socks

We have completion!! Yay!!

Check out how that Zigzag pattern blocks out on the feet!

Check out the perfect striping on the legs...The glory that is STR!

The inside edge of my picot
Pattern: My own using the Lacy Zigzag chart from the perpetual knitting calendar
Yarn: STR Dreidel Lightweight
Needles: 3.0 mm on the leg; 2.25 mm for the heel; 2.5 mm for the foot/toe
Other than my usual: Anatomical toe ala PGR
Fit: Amazingly, wonderfully awesome!! I am thrilled with how these socks turned out!

Did you see what Anne is doing over at Knitspot...go on over....she's hosting a booster campaign for them some support if you're so inclined! BTW, Claudia has less than $4,000 to raise to reach her goal of $20,000 for the National MS Society!! These women rock!!!


Wool Girl said...

Fantastic socks and pattern!

Courtney said...

Great socks!! I might have to get one of those calendars......

Anonymous said...

great stuff!