Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Great Balls of Fiber!!!!

Your trusty reporter was weary from shopping, knitting, and eating yummy Thai food the night before, when Sunday dawned on BSG!

Fabulous colors and displays were seen!

I hearted the jewelry that Gita Maria had!! Sheeps, kitties, socks, and a Knit Wit to die for!

And on to the Fiberarts Competition! I will apologize in advance for neglecting to jot down the names of the creators of these fabulous items!! Please note...all the items in the competition were great and well executed...these few happened to catch my eye! Well done Fiberartists of 2007!!

We packed up and returned home. Sigh. Another fabulous BSG!
Here's to 2008!


Wool Girl said...

Great photos! You rock! I still wish I were there! :)

Courtney said...

So, so beautiful! I wish I could have stayed longer.
You can definitely enable my spinning wheel buying trend!!!
I am still just learning about them but I like the smaller ones I saw where the wheel is stacked vertically? I think that would be best in my small Portland bungalow.
I bought a ton of STR OMG, Titania's Revenge, Rose Quartz, Sherbet, Lunasea and more. I was tempted by the clear plastic tote but hubby already calls me a bag lady :)
Advice about spinning wheels would be very appreciated!