Friday, June 29, 2007

Socks b.b.

Socks before blogging...
As promised...Crazy Lace Agate socks, circa 200?
Blue Moon sock blockers, BSG circa June 24, 2007

Pattern: My own standard cuff down 2X2 rib, short row heel, rounded toe
Yarn: STR 'Crazy Lace Agate' medium weight
Needles: Size 2 dpn (probably Crystal Palace)
Fit: Wonderful...I don't know why I even bother with that spec, it's always the same answer!
Wear: These socks have worn really, really well!

What's the secret you might ask...Well....I fill the washer with cold water and something like Eucalan wool wash, load my socks inside out, squeeze to thoroughly wet them, let them soak WITHOUT agitation until I remember to spin them out. Spin, give them a sharp tug this way and that (i.e. blocking), and let them hang on the drying rack until:

a) They dry, and I put them away
b) I remember to take them down and put them away, or
c) I get bored of looking at all of them and put them away (not!)

b) would be the correct answer.

Most often, I put them away when I remember or have another load of socks to fill the rack...Yes, I have that many socks and there is a Santa!!

I will leave you with some STR Firebird goodness (Sock club circa June 18, 2007!)

Have a great weekend!! Happy Knitting!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Look at the blue lightning bolt!
Crazy Lace Agate added to my BMFA wish list! Thanks for the BB pics!
You're getting the creamy swirl in your Solstice Slips! I love that!