Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's in your garden?

These pictures were actually taken in my mom's garden! She is an awesome gardener. Sadly, I did not inherit her green thumb...I opted to marry a wonderful landscape contractor dude instead...that would be Mr. NK!

Right now the Impatiens are engulfing one finished Sherbet STR Monkey sock

And a lovely Monsoon sock accessorizes an amazing Hosta that is just beginning to bloom.

Sorry for the anemic color in this photo!

Ebergie asked about the color of the Monsoon yarn: It is gray. I find it hard to photograph, and I am not a photoshop maven...yet...sometimes it shows up more purply-blue...but it is a lovely gray in real life!

Rani asked about the "groovy bumpy edge": Thanks Rani! I'm glad you like that cuff! It's my fave! It's a picot edge. My preference is to cast on, knit 6 rounds, YO-K2tog around, knit 6 rounds, pick up stitches around the cast on edge, bring the edges together with the knit side facing toward you, and K1 picked up stitch with one original stitch around (kind of like a 3 needle bind off, only you don't bind off!).

For those wondering what I'm doing with those safety pins holding the live stitches on my toes...I never kitchener my toes until both socks are knit and fit correctly...Welcome to my world! :)


Wool Girl said...

I think your world looks quite lovely! Gorgeous sock G! Miss you!

Rani said...

Thank you! Picot - i'm looking that one up as we speak. Love the colors of both socks!

Lynne said...

slurp, drool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I love your socks. I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one who hasn't finished their STR Monsoon socks. Again, Great Job!

gail said...

What fabulous hostas!! I should have said what fabulous socks, which they are, but our hostas are having problems this year. Together the socks and the hostas are perfect!