Sunday, June 17, 2007

Paris....France, that is!

A knitting bee in Paris!!! How cool is that?

No, I didn't hop a jet for a weekend abroad...I wish!! My sister is on a Sabbatical and touring Europe. She gave me permission to post this pic she took of knitters in Paris!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh,hurry! I'll meet you there! I see some empty seats!
We can knit our Bleu Lune Sauterelles!

Rani said...

sigh! Heavenly - a latte and a French pastry to finish it off.

Wool Girl said...

Very cool! You had me there - I thought maybe you had jetted off to Paris without me! :)

gail said...

I wonder whether the public knitting has anything to do with the fact taht they are in front of "The American Bookstore"?? Love the photo!