Thursday, November 29, 2007


Vainglorious: adj. Exhibiting excessive vanity; boastful. Proceeding from vainglory.
Peacock: noun. A vain person, or dandy.

Did you know that the peafowl is a pheasant (of the genus Pavo)? Who knew!? Although typically referred to as peacocks, technically only the male is the peacock and the female is called a peahen. (Yes, the babies are peachicks...too cute) A group of peafowl is known as a party. When somebody says "peacock", you probably instantly think of one of these haughty guys. Have you ever seen a white peacock? This is one gorgeous bird!! Shhh...don't tell him he's white...I don't think he knows for his ostentacious demeanor!

Peacocks were a symbol of vanity and pride in medieval times; recently, they have become a symbol of bad luck, particularly their feathers. I heart Google and National Geographic!!

I think Vainglorious is a great name for this lovely yarn from Chewy Spaghetti! The colors are brilliant and bold, and capture the essence of peacock-ness.

Thank you! Thank you for all your kind words about the Hollyday Monkey socks and more! Blush! I'm touched and left speechless....until tomorrow, then.


Anonymous said...

Peachicks makes me giggle and the white peacock is magnificent!
But,hmmm...without the color, how do we know it's not a peahen? Now I want to know if peahens strut their stuff,too!

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, we used to have a party of peafowl that would roost on top of our barn at night. It was kind of strange because I never knew where they came from... ANYWAYS that yarn is gorgeous!!