Monday, June 21, 2010

helllooooo summer

What better way to start off summer than with a new pair of socks!

I'm futher along than shown here, but we have to start somewhere,

and a picot edge sounds like a great way to

ring in summer and start off the week!

Happy Summer everyone!! :)

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon;
to me those have always been the two most beautiful words
in the English language.
~Henry James


Anonymous said...

Normally you tell us the yarn, but I didn't see that in this post. Love the color. I am always so much in awe of your sock knitting!

Judy S. said...

What a great sunny color! Is this Cotty? Summer. What's that?

Knitting Out Loud said...

Lovely photos! and perfect summer colors.

AfternoonMoon said...

Stunning. Love the colorway. Are you giving hints to its origin?

Lolly said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to find out the name of the yarn!

Carolyn Parker said...

Love the post and the beautiful summer colors!

liset said...

Lovely blog! Perfect pictures and how beautiful is your knit work!

j.b. said...

Absolutely LOVE the beginning of these socks. I was wondering, though, if you could point me to a good tutorial on how to do the picot edging. I'm a relatively new knitter, but I AM adventurous...some help would be nice. Thanks for your time...

au revoir,