Monday, May 09, 2011

angels on benches

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had rain, hail, sun, torrential rain, more get the picture! In the middle of all that a lot of knitting was accomplished and we had a great Mother's Day day!

The stitch pattern is from a Japanese pattern book; I just plugged in enough repeats to fit into 72 st around.

I carried the pattern down the center of the heel, it's flanked by the typical heel flap stitch.

I've never knit with Malabrigo sock yarn before, but I really enjoyed it. The yardage is immense, I had plenty left over.

A traditional flap and gusset construction...I'm pretty boring that way.
They fit perfectly!

It's Monday and so far no rain...We're off to a good start!
Wishing you a great start to the week, too!

Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted,
no solutions searched for.
Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.
We need hours of aimless wandering or spates of time sitting on park benches,
observing the mysterious world of ants and the canopy of treetops.
~Maya Angelou

Sock pattern by me in Malabrigo sock yarn 'Archangel'


Discoknits said...

They look great. I love Mal Sock, you're right about the yardage.

Judy S. said...

Didn't you make something else in Archangel, a shawl perhaps? I love the color and the heel. Have you been to Churchmouse Yarns and Teas? Went there yesterday...nice place.

Allison said...

I like the heel!

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful socks! And I love the quote :)