Friday, May 06, 2011

into the green

To sit in the shade on a fine day
and look upon verdure
 is the most perfect refreshment.
~Jane Austen

Happy Friday!! Happy Weekend!!
I hope you all have
a refreshing and perfect weekend! xo


Anonymous said...

Oh poo - where's the dictionary - again! Hugs!

Jilly said...

Lovely composition! I love the colors of this pretty little thing! Can hardly wait to see what you might post for Mother's Day! :) xox

Allison said...

Same to you! Enjoy the sun :)

Judy S. said...

Happy Weekend to you, too, Gail! PS Love that blue yarn.

susan {florali} said...

your green bud holds so much promise, it's bound to be a fabulous weekend. Tim also just also told me that there a big line-up of predawn starts/planets getting ready to have a party on the horizon. Tomorrow could be an interesting day,,, If you lived closer I'd send you a bouquet of flowers.

Maryse said...

With the rain we've had lately, my grass is so green it's beautiful to look at and actually makes me happy!

LoriAngela said...

My garden is finally catching up to yours. Thanks for the lovely pics. I worked Friday and Saturday, but I have Mothers' Day off to go to a tea with my mom and my kids.