Thursday, May 25, 2006

Colin Who??????

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So, the buzz around the halls these days has to do with the Colin Firth debate we are having amongst us. "Colin Who?" you ask. Yes, Colin Firth. No, not Colin Farrell, the young, hot babe.....Colin Firth. You know, Pride and Prejudice, Girl with a Pearl Earring (also known as Colin in an awful wig), and of course, the infamous Bridget Jones Diary....oh, and don't forget, Nan's love interst in Circle of Friends and my personal favorite The Hour of the Pig. The heart throb so many women are into these days - with that sexy accent, melting smile, messy-looking hair (or wig, in some instances), and slight awkwardness about him. Can he really be THAT much of a heart throb? I beg to differ! Some of us (will not mention who) are completely and utterly in love with him (to the point of sickness, actually), so, as not to strike such a sour note with that (or those) person(s), these are just a few items that I think really should be dissed on.

I mean, what's with all this "Darcy business"? Playing Mr. Darcy in Price and Prejudice is one thing, but then turning around to play Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones Diary is entirely another. Is he afraid to leave Mr. Darcy behind, or could he just not resist playing opposite Renee Zellweger? I don't even want to take a stab at that one. NK, any thoughts?

Also, what's with the bad wigs? Girl with a Pearl Earring tops off the list. In my opinion, that wig was the absolute worst, but there are a few others that top the charts. Check out the wig he was wearing in Valmont, for instance. They couldn't have done any better than that? PLEASE! I think he must enjoy wearing bad wigs or starring in roles that involve them.

And then there's the being involved with Meg Tilly issue.....something is just not right about that, as NK so eliquently pointed out today. She starred in Psycho for goodness sake! And, as a side note, she also wore a horrid wig in Valmont. What's with these bad wigs? Small budget film?

Well, I could go on and on, I guess. The above items are probably enough to put a little doubt, if even a smidgen of a doubt, into the air about Colin Firth. NK, sorry, but I just had to comment (dis) on Colin a little bit, as our conversations in the past have warranted it! You are not too offended, I hope? If Colin can just keep the wigs to minimum (and keep his hair cut), star in non-Darcy roles for just a little while, and stay out of the way of the Tilly girls, I think I could learn to like him a bit.

More Important Issues!!!!!
On to more important issues...what's on the plate for knitting this week? Received my Fairgrounds package last week and immediately fell in love with the yarn. I also really, really liked the pattern, but decided that I would change it up a bit. I think I may still include some linen stitch on the cuff, and some buttons, but may also include a little picot, and have added the Baby Cable Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks on the top of the foot for a little variation. Will post later on the details of all of this, and how it's eventually going to shake out, but here's a sneak peek.....

Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE this colorway?

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